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You can fall asleep instantly
The sleeve ghost will haunt you.

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Ty Dickson
if i'm right the sleeve ghost is the yoki (japanese demon) that acts like a little kid and tugs on your sleeve and if you turn to face it it eats you that is if you dont rip off your sleeve and give it to him
Tom Bombadil
Dafuq is a sleeve ghost?
Whoever made this shouls have made a more popular shit to haunt instead
Ciera Clifford
Sleeve ghost? Does it wear an over sized jacket or sweater and beat you in the face with it? thats the only thing i can find for sleeve ghost from google other than tattoos
no such thing as ghost....I see no downside
Sleeve ghost?
i get to meet a sleeve ghost, thats ok
What the hell is a sleeve ghost?
i prefer to fall asleep gently
What the hell is the “sleeve ghost”? XD
Not until I can lucid dream. Also, what's a sleeve ghost?
I can lucid dream, NOW at anytime... and the SLEEVE ghost sounds intresing
WTF is the sleeve ghost?

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